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How to discern the stand or fall of UV machine?

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  Now a UV machine should be control part, UV curing machine, ventilation, light source parts, transmission parts and body consisting of five parts. However, five parts of the design is reasonable? , these factors to determine whether the quality of the parts on a UV machine quality is good or bad. Different manufacturers produced UV machine is not the same.

  Now part of the light source is dominated by the UV lamp, ballast, chimney, and triggers etc. Parts of components.

  The current domestic UV machine mainly USES the high pressure mercury lamp as the UV light source, high pressure mercury lamp price is quite cheap, thus has been widely used. Now there are a lot of domestic production of high-pressure mercury lamp manufacturers, manufacturing process is different also, the main difference is that in the use of the material aspect of the tubes, general life between 600-1000 hours, when reached the life time of UV lamp, suggest change immediately, because the UV light intensity weakens, influence the curing effect. Contained a UV machine, of course, the number of tubes and power is not the more the better, depends on your need to choose at the level of actual production, otherwise the UV lamp power is too big or too small will affect product curing effect.

  On the UV lamp reflector must choose aluminous material, cannot use iron or stainless steel, because of the stainless steel plate under the action of high temperature will become black, black did not have the effect of reflective, after but also absorb light. So reflective effect is best when the mirror aluminum oxide, the reflectivity can reach more than 80% and increase the efficiency of uv light.

  UV lamp ballast, capacitor, of course, is the need to choose according to the UV lamp power, ensuring that tubes can work at full power and will not be burned.
  And, of course, the ventilation part mainly by the wind hood, air ducts, fan and so on components comprise the UV curing machine at low temperature.
  Different is the UV machine, so the choice of the fan is also different, the selection of fan power is to look at the UV lamp power and housing space selection to determine, with high power UV lamp and using a relatively small power will inevitably produce the cooling fan is not good, the temperature of the machine is too high will directly lead to shorten the service life of parts.
  If want to accurately control temperature, UV machine should use temperature controller, so when buying UV machine, this part should be careful about ventilation system, to ensure that the UV machine with good ventilation of link, this is because the ventilation system has a problem, very not easy to repair and reconstruction.
  Transmission parts are made from mesh belt, converter, gear motor, chain and the composition of the drum.
  Frequency converter, motor reducer, the brand on the market is various, quality are not the same, so suggest you buy UV machine must pay attention to distinguish, is to use the best quality is very reliable inverter motor and reducer, frequency converter, in particular, heavy repair rate is extremely high.
  Finally, UV machine box body is likely to be a part of the most easy to ignore, but is almost the same shape of the machine, the internal structure may have many differences. Many of the poor quality of the UV machine is the design of the box out of the question, casing internal circuit desultorily, ventilation is not good, no interlining and so on. These factors led directly to normal play, the performance of the UV machine to follow-up maintenance is not convenient.Touch screen UV curing machine

  Now believe that everyone is clear, more and more factories have adopted the technology of UV process, with the growth of our living standard, now the UV machine has been widely used in the furniture industry, flooring industry, building materials industry, printing industry and so on. So the UV equipment update trend is bound to cause a certain amount of costs. The current UV machine varieties are more on the market, the quality is also varies. If buyers are not careful to buy the poor quality of UV equipment, not only does not increase the economic benefit, and probably because of machine fault, leading to the normal operation of the production. This is a very serious! So, choose and buy the UV machine is also an unique insights, there is no best UV machine, only the most suitable for UV machine. Wish you rest assured to buy good UV equipment.

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