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Sankun low temperature characteristics of the UV curing mach

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  Shenzhen sankun UV curing machine with conventional UV curing machine in low temperature difference.

Shenzhen sankun technology of low temperature type UV curing machine and the difference between conventional UV curing machine:
  Normal UV curing machine, no other ways except the air-filled insulating (namely, the temperature of the heat source on the direct product is generally higher than that of low temperature type 10 to 30 degrees; if done some professional UV industry, normal and low temperature difference At about 10 degrees; air duct design is not reasonable, can't even make the UV machine continuous 24 hours work, must be the cooling tubes can afford to start again; and exhaust of reasonable design, professional technology in place can not only keep the function of UV curing 24 hours of continuous work, also can ensure the temperature can prevail in the ordinary.
  Low temperature type UV curing machine: because not only the traditional cooling principle, but also the introduction of foreign technology, using imported optical reflector plate (English name: Dichroic) principle, the principle of double reflection will directly radiation to the product of heat Yin and reflection to the opposite direction, to prevent heat radiation products directly, thus achieved the effect of cooling products.

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