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The UV curing machine 3 big use safety rules

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  UV equipment that is used in the field of UV curing equipment of UV curing process, the core components is also known as the ultraviolet lamp UV lamp. UV equipment is widely used, but not every person can be used according to specifications, light damage to the machine, or will bring safety threat.When using UV equipment to do safety inspection.

The UV curing machine 3 big use safety rules:
  1, check before using it: whether the earth wire grounding is good. Fan operation is not normal, do not use, should immediately stop using the device, so as to avoid burning UV lamp.
  2, when install or replace the UV lamp, cut and direct contact with the tubes with the hand, to prevent on the tube surface mole, influence the luminous efficiency, please wear clean gloves.
  3, when using, shut off the UV lamp to turn on the light, immediately after is a normal phenomenon, not light of tube to tube cooling rear can light up again. To prevent premature aging UV lamp, turn off the lights after not immediately cut off the total switch power supply, when the machine automatic shutdown and then cut off the total power. When the roll in the process of turning slightly beats, please timely will be closely screws tighten at the ends of the roll. Finally, when a serious fault, please promptly notify the manufacturer or distributor, not open the case, so as to avoid unnecessary loss and accident.

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