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Uv curing machine, paint sticks solid application scope

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  First, apply to the panel furniture, office furniture, bamboo furniture, sound-absorbing board, skirting board, wooden door, cabinet, gypsum board, rubber plate, choi steel, such as paint roller coating curing all-in-one slicked down (hereinafter referred to as solid roller machine)
  Second, features:
  1. The fuel efficient, spray paint 200 grams/square meter, and roller coating only 20 grams. A saving of ninety percent. If the paint ten thousand yuan a month, the year one hundred thousand yuan calculated with paint, paint, ninety thousand yuan can be saved.
  2. To save time, ordinary paint drying time is 5 hours table dry, dry cured completely and only a minute to use UV paint. (principle is: ordinary paint is thinner, natural volatile drying, UV lacquer is the photosensitizer is added in the paint, by absorbing the strong ultraviolet radiation energy, polymerization, instant drying curing)
  3. Land-saving, because ordinary spray dry it needs a lot of air space, thereby waste plant area, increase the building cost.
  4. Environmental protection, ordinary paint containing large amounts of formaldehyde in thinner, so as to cause harm to human body, and it is difficult to solve the problem. And UV paint contains no thinner, also do not contain formaldehyde, is the latest international environmental protection paint.
  5. The UV paint with high hardness, high brightness, resistance to scratch, such as fire prevention performance is generally can't be matched by the paint.
  6. Ordinary machine has the function of simple. And the launch of a new machine with fixed roller with the roller coating, slicked down, dry curing for the integration of multiple functions. It is painting a new revolution.
  7. This device can coating UV paint, PU paint, nitro paint, alkyd paint, water-based paint and other oily coating. Can be widely use for the above application clients.

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