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The uv curing conditions that must be met

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  1. The UV lamp power must meet the ink curing needed to process the request.
  2. Ordinary light solid ink request to UV light solid spectral sensitivity in the range of wavelengths between 180-420 nm.
  3. The influence of the climate: high temperature, UV ink viscosity lower, after printing, easy to produce wool teeth and paste version phenomenon. Low temperature, high viscosity, affect the thixotropy of ink, are prone to bubbles and incomplete curing phenomenon, thus request summer to cold storage, ink printing workshop temperature is not too high, the winter came out in the cold air warehouse, should be put to room temperature, and proper curing a little slower.
  4. Paint effects of UV ink because of various pigments to light absorption, reflection and ink pigment content in the condition of different normal, white, black, red and yellow are difficult to cure, blue, green, light oil, transparent oil easy to cure.
  5. The curing speed: the selection of the best curing speed way: start with a certain speed after curing UV curing machine, if the curing, readjustment to speed up the curing speed, until after curing ink layer can't cure, then, is certainly the best curing speed, namely the best curing speed: beginning not curing speed by 0.8.
  6. The influence of the thickness of ink, the ink is too thick will affect curing effect, all affect the printing film thickness will affect the effect of curing, the elements of elements that affect the film thickness are: thickness of wire mesh number, tension, photosensitive glue, plastic scratch hardness, plastic scraper of sharpness, scraping Angle, printing speed, pressure, etc.
  UV ink must have UV light to cure, otherwise you won't use. In the application of UV ink adhesion problem is first encountered the UV curing ink no depth. In terms of light solid device, reason may be the UV curing equipment out of order, namely the UV curing machine equipment with the range of wavelengths of UV light solid ink do not match, or light solid power is not enough, or light solid velocity is not appropriate, in a nutshell is can't meet the three elements of UV light solid.

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