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The development of UV light solid machine application techno

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  UV light (UV) curable coating first patent Inmont company in 1946 by the United States, has first been obtained about unsaturated polyester/styrene (UV) curing UV ink, for half a century, the UV curing technology in developed countries and regions through a period of rapid development, at the beginning of this century remain the growth rate of 10%. The output of China previously only dozens of tons in the 80 s; In 2001 reached 39972 tons, of which the coating is 15245 tons, ink is 3416 tons, compared with 200. Years, the growth rate of 35.5% and 65.1% respectively. With the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, UV curing coating as a kind of green environmental protection coating, fully meet, "4 e", the principle, the energy consumption is only 1/5 of the heat curing, less volatile components, small pollution, to reduce costs, developers and researchers of all ages. The UV light solid machine is also very popular.
  In recent years, UV curing coatings, DVD, CD in the optical fiber coating coating adhesive, card, wood, cans, food packaging, magazine covers, medical apparatus and instruments, and has a very rapid development in the automotive industry, and in the dental restorative materials and new types of nail high-profit industry and other industries also has a rapid development momentum. UV curing coatings has the huge market potential, and its proportion in the whole coating product is growing year by year, has great prospects for development.
   Among them, the polyurethane acrylic a is the second to the epoxy acrylic a important UV light-cured resin. Because many isocyanate and long chain dibasic alcohol a has multiple structure choice, through molecular design to set the synthetic performance of prepolymer, so is the product of the hottest, most research of prepolymer, are already widely used in light curing coatings, printing ink, adhesive, is a very promising light cure resin. UV light solid machine application in many fields.
  Currently exist the following problems: such as in the process of curing exothermic intensity is high and there is little research on this question at home and abroad, curing film of high hardness and good toughness can't hold concurrently, etc. Especially curing film thickness is bigger (> LMM), hardness and toughness are difficult to exist in the actual application to two or morethings problem: hardness up to par, toughness is poor, brittle; Met the requirement of the toughness, and hardness is couldn't get on.
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