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The UV curing machine power effect on curing film

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  We are in the process of the UV curing machine, it is important to note that consider the use of UV curing machine power, this is because the UV curing machine power have a serious impact on curing film, let's talk about how did it affect.

  For example: (A) if the same is 1000 Jackson's energy needs, but power is not the same there will be A very big difference, high power curing, so after curing the physical properties of hardness larger; (B) low power curing, such physical properties after curing is smaller than the hardness of high power. (C) similar to the tubes used after 1000 hours, the power of the UV lamp will have significant change, but this time don't change lamp with increasing irradiation time to achieve the rated energy products similar problems will occur.

  In addition, if you want to ensure that film are good flexibility, first must begin from the ink, and see if I can have a flexible printing ink can be applied, because generally UV ink is a whole, is hard.

Longitudinal, also can know, in the use of UV curing equipment, must be familiar with it, so you can apply it better, let the curing effect to achieve an ideal state.

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