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The uv curing machine industry development

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  Professional uv curing factory in shenzhen, shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. Is a collection of ultraviolet (uv) development and production as one of professional enterprises, is China's famous uv machine, uv light solid machine, uv lamp, uv lamp, uv lamp power production enterprises, one of its business, more than 300 products in the domestic ranks top in the industry we are excellent driving development of ultraviolet (uv) light industrial products. There was a saying that the UV ink is easy to cause skin cancer, because of this, 1990 years ago, UV printing and UV glazing development situation is not good in Western Europe.

  It was not until the 1990 s, UV printing began in the narrow web flexographic printing and offset printing machine application.

  When in 1998, Europe has some magazines begin to address the UV printing, the conclusion is: in the process of curing reaction, add light initiator can release benzene, benzene have carcinogenic risk.
  Soon, cationic type of UV ink market is on the brink of collapse. After that, when using UV ink printing industry all adopt radiation type of UV ink products.

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