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Maintain the method of UV lamp is outlined

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         As a UV light source manufacturer, shenzhen three kun technology co., LTD. Is a collection of ultraviolet (UV) development and production as one of professional enterprises, is China's famous UV machine, UV light solid machine, UV lamp, UV lamp, UV lamp power production enterprises, one of its operating more than 300 products, ranks top in the domestic counterparts, we are in excellent driving development of ultraviolet (UV) light industrial products. Use maintain the method of UV lamp to you talk about below:

 (1), install lamp light box must assemble good air cooling system, to ensure that the tube heat dissipation and the substrates are not heat deformation. Uv lamp must be compatible with the same ballast, magnetic flux leakage transformer and capacitor can use.

  (2), must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer to provide the wiring diagram.

  (3), transformer must have good natural ventilation conditions, so that the heat dissipation.

  (4), before the computer must be with gauze dipped in alcohol wiped the fingerprints and oil tube outer wall and other impurity, otherwise it will cause after ignition loss through the tubes, if there is a higher content of UV curing materials easy volatile solvent or work environment with dust pollution, every other week, please try use alcohol to clean tube, to ensure that the lamp is not premature devitrification.

  (5), the whole process of using, lamp holder and lamps and lanterns should keep good contact between the contact point, otherwise the lamp holder will cause severe oxidation, sealing it burst on the tubes.

 (6), UV lamp must be under the conditions of cooling to start. ; Start again, shall UV lamp cooling completely rear can start, after 5 minutes; The more frequently the switch frequency, corresponding shorten the lamp life

  (7), the new photoelectric light plant high pressure mercury lamp life expectancy is 00-1000 hours, normal work when the surface of the tube temperature is 600 ~ 700 ℃. Mainly related to its tubes start times.

  (8), tubes and transformer are strictly prohibited to work under the state of overload, lest produce tubes explosion or transformer burn accident. The power supply voltage fluctuation should not be too large, such as suddenly reduce more than 5%, can cause self extinguishing.

     If you are looking for professional UV lamp, suggest you to shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD., the company has successively established, special electric light source technology research center in China, ultraviolet ray application technology research center in China, the products are sold both for my company to design production, all the UV lamp adopts imported quartz glass tube lamp shell, thus greatly improving the ultraviolet penetration and the service life of tubes. After years of efforts, has won the general customers the trust and support, I sincerely hope can cooperate with you, create brilliant!

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