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UV light solid machine curing technology and the environment

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  As a rule, UV light solid machine of UV light curing inks, coatings and adhesives, like chemicals, has potential risk to human health, so people of UV light curing machine put into use. Actually these hidden danger doesn't exist, why here to tell you about.

 Due to the solvent ink dry slowly, ink layer thick hard to dry, so more and more out of the solvent ink printing company. Have the opportunity to come into contact with the traditional solvent ink printing workers, now often favor from UV light curing technology, because the UV ink plate easier to operate.

 On a narrow rotary press, of course, also have a large number of using UV ink printing. Rather wide rotary press, the use of UV ink is also a kind of trend and tide, UV ink saving work time. Using UV light curing technology, often bring a safer working environment.

  Longitudinal, UV light curing technology has no negative impact to the environment, the advantages of the south coast air quality management district, California to allow more UV light curing equipment and EB curing printing company into a southern California coast area. The move, to get the attention of the EPA (environmental protection association), and hold a hearing on Capitol hill. Hearing, the EPA said, for the sake of environmental protection, hope to see more and more printing company adopt UV curing and EB electronic technology.

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