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UV light solid machine fault handling daily

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   As a professional UV light solid vendors would - shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. Is a collection of ultraviolet (UV) development and production as one of professional enterprises, is China's famous UV machine, UV light solid machine, UV lamp, UV lamp, UV lamp power production enterprises, one of its operating more than 300 products, ranks top in the domestic counterparts, we are with outstanding product pushing the development of ultraviolet (UV) industry. UV light solid machine next to you about daily breakdown of possible reasons.

      UV light solid machine daily breakdown of possible reason mainly has the following several aspects:

A, and if found to be the UV lamp aging, that to replace the UV lamp
B, if the UV lamp equipment cannot be automatically shut down after all closed down
C, power supply voltage is lower than the 10% increase 2 UV lamp brightness Uv lamp aging
D, transformer, high temperature (95 ℃) > 1. The power supply voltage is higher than 10% to reduce the input voltage
E , mesh belt, mesh belt wandering around uneven tightness
F "a different sound, roller, bearing damage
G, poor ventilation around the machine, dredging machine to clean up the environment
H, air cooling is not enough Dredge pipe, clean up the fan rotor sundry

  In addition to the company's products gain recognition and praise from all walks of life and to establish a good partnership, the company also serve for customers in various manufacturers to provide all aspects of the information and technology research. Provide customers with the UV light source component installation and use, at the same time can also provide the whole machine and the whole line of production and installation, give full play to the UV curing technology in all areas of development and application of high quality after-sales service, lifting the user use the product to look sick. Hope to share with you!

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