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Using UV light solid machine and pay attention to what

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  At present, the professional UV light solid machine because of its unique radiation characteristics and the use of good performance, has caused attaches great importance to science and business, used for offset printing all kinds of permeable base material, instant dry adhesion, is a high and new technology developing rapidly in recent years. So maintain the UV light solid machine and matters needing attention what?

  Maintenance and matters needing attention have eight aspects, respectively, as described in the following:

 【 1 】, tube use after a period of time needs to be replaced (general provisions for 300 hours), to ensure the stability of curing of UV ink.
 【 2 】, when occurrence problem of cooling circulating water, the machine appear alarm at the same time, if the police failed to rule out more than 20 seconds fault monitoring > < the picture appear fault, UV lamp automatically shut down, should stop check the cooling system at this time, after waiting for troubleshooting to restart.
 【 3 】, the water level with copper cooling water tank advisable (round robin cold water should be used in special cooling water). In a timely manner to check the refrigerator inside the water tank water level and water table work (keep checking twice per week), can add water not enough in time, to ensure the normal water level.
 【 4 】, to prolong the service life of the tubes, save electricity, to ensure safety in production at the same time, the midway stop (or pressure) from more than 20 minutes, when the UV lamp should be closed.
 【 5 】, in order to ensure the purity of cooling water, prevent due to accumulate over a long period of dust hazard the circuit, should be regular cleaning
 【 6 】, with gasoline car wash or wipe rubber cloth, plate, UV lights must be turned off, not very will prevent petrol dripping on the UV lamp shade of higher temperature and endanger personal safety.
 【 7 】, lamps and lanterns reflective surface of ytterbium or contamination on the surface of the UV lamp to cause a decline in reflectivity and focus rate, affected the rate of UV curable dry. Often use alcohol or acetone carefully scrubbing, guarantee the lamp, mirror surface clean.
 【 8 】, every two revolving a class maintenance, must clean chimney joint.

  After years of efforts, won the trust and support of customers, providing customers with the UV light source component installation and use, at the same time can also provide the whole machine and the whole line of production and installation, give full play to the UV curing technology in all areas of development and application of shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. Hope to share with you!

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