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The UV curing machine use pay attention to?

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       In choosing the UV curing confidential attentively, more intentional use equipment, to learn the proper use of equipment, will improve efficiency, increase the service life of equipment. So what should pay attention to when using this machine? Let's look at.

       The UV curing machine, should pay attention to the following several aspects:

1 】, equipment put area it is strictly prohibited to put flammable items;
2 】, equipment configuration, the power cord, wire diameter should be suitable for power equipment, and the device should be 2 meters of configuration circuit breaker;
3 】, should be put on the stable solid ground;
4 】, equipment operation, with dedicated and establish regular maintenance card, non-professional personnel prohibited or adjust the equipment internal circuit parameters;
5 】, operating personnel and equipment around 2 meters of area, in equipment work, to be effective protection (goggles) to prevent ultraviolet light.

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