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Small UV curing characteristics

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       Small UV curing machine is mainly applies to: the UV glue, paint curing, printing, fluorescence analysis, all kinds of UV scientific research test, like general curing machine USES, just because it is lighter than the average size. Typically, small UV curing machine has the following several aspects:

(A), using modular design.
      Conveyor belt, UV curing equipment adopts modular design, can be transformed into way of conveyor belt, holding way, fixed used elsewhere. Direction of lamp holder can two-way choice, equipment of light source can be two-way choice to work in the transfer station, can be placed and conveyer belt Angle of 90 degrees, can also and parallel to the conveyor belt.
(B), can remove the lamp holder:
      Equipment of the light source can be easily removed, convenient bulb replacement and maintenance. Contains a long life of 2 kw high pressure mercury lamp, emit UVA (320-390 nm), the main light intensity distribution uniformity.
(C), the adjustable UV lamp height:
       UV machine folding plate design can quickly adjust height. Ensure the light source set the distance to the conveyor belt of repeatability.

        After years of efforts, won the trust and support of customers, providing customers with the UV light source component installation and use, at the same time can also provide the whole machine and the whole line of production and installation, give full play to the UV curing technology in all areas of development and application of shenzhen three kun technology co., LTD. Sincerely hope can cooperate with you, create brilliant!

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