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Some methods of maintenance of UV light curing machine

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   We know that the UV curing machine mainly by a strong light of UV curing materials, is one of the UV curing equipment. So how to maintain the UV curing lights?

To solve above problems, the following is the maintenance methods of curing UV lamp:

1 】, UV light curing machine, the service life of the lamp is one of the biggest general is 800-1000 hours, after reaching life namely should be replaced;

2 】, UV lamp use period, at the appropriate time with anhydrous ethanol, gauze cleaning tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then UV lamp rotate 180 °
3 】, chimney baffle lost after the mirror effect has to be replaced.

   Pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the UV lamp, in order to better ensure the work efficiency of the UV curing machine, because it is one of the important components of the machine, maintain good can prolong mechanical life.

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