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The advantage of sankun UV curing machine technology

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       When substrates passed under the UV drying system, the ink from a liquid (wet) to a solid state (dry) is done in a flash. The UV printing can handle a variety of materials, from heavy metal to thin polyester sheet is suitable for UV curing.
The UV curing characteristics:

Dry immediately
Low running cost
Improve the quality
To reduce the required storage space
Clean and efficient UV printing material features:
Quick drying
High color saturation
Excellent resistance to fade
High heat resistance
High flexibility
Excellent adhesion
High wear resistance of UV printing glazing process features:
Online glazing operation
Print the same thickness (no solvent evaporation) before and after coating is dry
Improve the quality of network (wet) of the printing pressure
Excellent color control
Printing machine can run for a long time
Reduce the cleaning work
Work fast for UV curing process features:
Low odor
Low volatile residue
Low toxicity
To save energy

      Sankun currently has been the industry's leading energy conservation and environmental protection technology, for you and your enterprise to save more cost. If need to know the details, you can call our sales staff, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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