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The application scope of energy-saving UV machine

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       Radiation curing the basic meaning is the use of ultraviolet (UV) or for the energy of the electron beam, have caused chemical activity of liquid formula in the solidification process of substrate surface to achieve rapid response. Industrial application of UV/EB curing for material surface curing provides an advanced processing means. The curing technology, different from traditional techniques (such as thermal curing) the biggest advantage is that the efficient energy-ultraviolet radiation curing or electron beam as a means of trigger, fast curing coating. According to China epoxy resin industry association experts, because of its high efficiency,the characteristics of the green, thus increasingly widely used.

       Ultraviolet light and electron beam radiation can be seen as a member of the family, the difference is is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet light and electron beam is the acceleration of high-energy electron flow. Commonly used 100 ~ 380 nm UV radiation curing area was subdivided into UV - C (100 ~ 280 nm), UV - B (280 ~ 280 nm) and uv-a (315 ~ 380 nm). The use of ultraviolet radiation curing light source is generally by the uv lamp power excitation.Electron beam is a kind of radiation, it is a batch after electron flow acceleration, particle energy is far higher than that of uv light, can make the air ionization, and so the high-energy electron beam can be called ionizing radiation. Electron beam curing generally do not need light initiator, can directly cause chemical reactions, but also to material penetration is much bigger than the ultraviolet light. The device of electron beam called electron accelerator.Radiation curing type using a scanning electron
accelerator,using the basic principle and family is similar to the TV. Acceleration of electron scanning TV hitches in the TV screen to obtain visual information,
electron accelerator in the radiation curing of electron beam scanning on the surface of a base material for curing processing.

       Radiation curing is developed on the basis of the existing science and technology a new technology, thus can be seen as a variety of common structure form of synthesis technology, including radiation source (UV and EB), raw materials, monomer and oligomer, light initiator, all kinds of additives, such as pigments,additives, chemical formula (paint, ink, adhesive, etc.), base material and coating equipment, etc.Radiation curing only through the reasonable allocation of these elements can exert its inherent vitality. The fact that the elements in the process of radiation curing industry chain, has formed the interdependent market jointly guarantee the market competitiveness, thus radiation curing itself is a system engineering. China epoxy resin industry association experts said, "3 e principle" to promote the development of radiation curing, the establishment of any high and new technology and development, now has to follow the principle of "3 e" is not to avoid, so the principle of "3 e" is the foundation of the survival and development of radiation curing and motive power. The so-called "3 e" is refers to the Energy (Energy), ecosystem (Ecology) and economic (pa).
       Chemical formula under the radiation-induced polymerization crosslinking reaction, needn't to heat of base material, so the UV curing of the energy of a conventional solvent-based coatings and printing ink curing, 1/5 of EB curing less energy consumption, is only 1/100 of the conventional curing."Ecological",
adopted by the radiation curing active chemical formula contains no or less volatile solvent, belong to the zero emissions or low emissions technology, is beneficial to environmental protection, and radiation curing based energy used as power supply, no fuel gas, has no carbon dioxide to produce, so the radiation curing were often known as "green technology". "Economic" Angle also have advantages, radiation curing device is compact, processing speed, small floor space, high production efficiency, process itself is helpful to improve product performance, reduce consumption of raw materials, all this from the economic costs to improve the competition ability of the technology itself.

      Radiation curing compared to the traditional curing technology has its own characteristics, such as room temperature curing, is advantageous to the heat sensitive material processing; Curing recipe can be adjusted according to the demand, to improve the adaptability of process, to ensure product performance (such as hardness, flexibility, gloss, weatherability, etc.); Radiation curing is easy to realize flow operation, a high degree of automation. China epoxy resin industry association experts say that radiation curing unique technical advantages not only meet the requirements of "3 e principle", and in the process of industrialization continue to maintain the market competitiveness of traditional curing, the radiation curing at a momentum of rapid growth since the 1960 s: the current emergency in developed countries such as America, Japan and European countries, growth rate of about 10% a year, faster growth rate of developing countries, China's average annual growth rate of 25%.
    It is estimated that the current global UV/EB curing chemical raw materials and formulations of market share only for industrial coatings, printing ink, coating and adhesive) 3% of total sales, so the development of radiation curing. Is dominant in the radiation curing uv curing (about 90%), electron beam curing because accelerator devices one-time investment is higher, so far is a small proportion (about 10%). At present, the radiation curing products has penetrated into all aspects of industrial production and daily life, China epoxy resin industry association experts said, mainly includes: coating, CD, optical fiber, magnetic tape and magnetic card, high-grade goods bags, photographic film, a magazine cover, vacuum metal plastic, cans, furniture, veneer, laminated board, wall panels, vinyl floor tile and tile surface, electroplating metal and leather decoration, etc.; Printing ink, offset lithography, letterpress printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and screen printing, etc.; Adhesive, car headlights, pressure-sensitive label and moving picture printing, electronics packaging and cladding, medical plastic parts assembly,etc;
Electronics, printed circuit board conformal coating, the resistance to resist, flux, characters, resistance to light dry ink film, protective coating, etc.; Other, printing plate, medical device, dental fillings, cosmetics boxes, glasses, golf, trophies, skis, snowmobiles, advertising signs and other coating curing or decoration, and 3 d light casting processing.

       Radiation curing although great progress has been made in the whole world, yet its industrialization process is not very desirable, the main reason is that many technological achievements was still in the stage of pilot plant and laboratory research. First of all, the main development direction of radiation curing is to continue to play in the traditional manufacturing advantages, at the same time to the car and building decoration market - the world's largest coatings market, which requires the radiation curing product performance reached the standard of outdoor weatherability for a long time. Radiation curing another development direction is to push the emerging information industry and is specifically in the field of optical media, information system and remote communication occupy positions. This is an area with all my heart, it is the UV/EB technology exert their strong broad heaven and earth.

       san kun technology techniciansis now developing new energy saving technology of UV, a comprehensive breakthrough has been achieved in this year. Leds have made new breakthrough of energy saving, UV machine, is the enterprise transformation, cost-saving, specific circumstances can get in touch with our sales staff.

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