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The application of UVLED curing light source in the industry

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      The application of UVLED curing light source in the industry.
      UVLED curing light source in industry application, asked the three chief engineer Chen kun today for you to answer:UVLED light source technology in the development of metal processing industry has been brought to the attention of the people is very big. Metal processing has always been a technical and operational requirements are relatively high industry. The UV curing technology is just to fill the short of it.
  The bonding of metal lead terminal is to put the metal pin card into the glass, use UV adhesive coating adhesive. Although the bonding without the strict in adhesive and direct contact with the liquid crystal materials, but asked the glue viscosity is moderate, the glue is not flowing, UV curing table dry after good, good electrical insulation, of glass, metal, high bonding strength, excellent resistance to wet and heat aging properties.
  In non-ferrous formula, pigment and UVLED absorb ultraviolet light initiator competition, this will affect the UV light utilization about light initiator, and will affect the concentration of free radicals, can generate free radicals caused by speed reduction and crosslinking curing speed. Different pigments differently to different wavelengths of light absorption and transmittance, pigment absorption is smaller, the greater the light transmittance, the less loss of light energy.Carbon black uv absorption capacity is higher, curing the slowest, white pigment reflective strong sex, also hindered the curing.In general, to absorb ultraviolet light order: black, purple, blue, blue, green, yellow, red. When the dosage of the paint is too large, the paint film surface curing the impact is not big, but there was very little light energy, deep paint film curing deep affected by large, wrinkled skin, easy to produce and hard to adhere to.
       UVLED predrying in front of the light curing degree on the properties of curing film, drying incomplete, reducing the speed of the UV curing light, this is because, although the water on the polymerization of inhibition of oxygen function has certain effect, but it can only make the ink film surface rapid solidification, the only table dry, and not to work, because the film contains some water escape, make film are difficult to be homogeneous and continuous phase, characterized by white opaque. The presence of water, make the film temperature is low, is not conducive to raise the transformation rate of gel film adhesion is not good. So the formula of water content control not only the formula of stability requirement, consider the drying efficiency.
      Metal processing industry, after the introduction of uvled light curing technology got rapid development. Make the metal processing industry production capacity and product quality have been a lot of ascension.

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