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UVLED source characteristics and purposes of analysis

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      UVLED light source is through the special design of the optical lens set of output with a narrow uv light, sealing side, printing and other production are used in the field of it. Line light source has a very long life, cold light source, no radiation, life is not affected by the number of open and close, uniform irradiation to improve the production efficiency, no toxic substances, safer, more environmentally friendly than traditional light.
1: cold light source, no thermal radiation, is especially suitable for LCD sealing side, heating area is little occasion to use thin film printing requirements.
2: the small - making equipment can easily integrated into the automatic production lines and equipment.
3: UV ultraviolet curing does not use toxic substances gong, also won't produce ozone, is to replace the traditional light source of a safer, more environmentally friendly option.
4: instant light, immediate 100% uv output power, irradiation intensity of up to 6000 mw/cm2.

1, arts and crafts spraying curing;
2, high-grade furniture uv paint curing
3, anti-counterfeiting printing detection;
4, TFT - LCD panel irrigation crystal encapsulation, touch water glue joint side curing, curing.
5, microelectronics, LCD, PCB, such as optical communications, optical linear light curing;

San kun technology technicians,it's a word summarized UVLED illuminant: the benefits of not only energy saving, and high precision.