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How to choose the UV machine print UV glazing technology is

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       How to choose the UV machine, print UV glazing technology is what?
       Have to understand some of the information of the UV machine, UV machine, how to select suitable industry how can express their needs more quickly.Today we consulted san kun technology technicians, some questions about what is print UV glazing process, everyone can understand consult:
      Polishing as a method of printing quality surface finishing in recent years by various printing users.Reason is that in the UVLED printing surface coating a layer of colorless transparent coating after flow flat, flat dry or calender in print form a thin, transparent light uniform layer, which can effectively improve the surface properties of printed matter, not only can enhance printing quality surface gloss, make prints or packaging products on the shelf more eye-catching, and increase the additional value of products, to protect printed moistureproof and anticorrosive.And gold, silver and zhuguang glazing process caused by the different gloss effect, stereo effect brought by foam coating surface, coating and fragrance with visual impact brought by the sense of smell, make the glazing technology application is more extensive.
   A, polishing process
  Glazing process according to the processing methods can be divided into offline glazing and online glazing. Offline glazing is respectively conducted on special machine for printing, glazing, polishing when you need to use special glazing machine or calender.For some folding carton manufacturers offline on light is a very good choice, because it can not only obtain higher gloss than online glazing, but also because of its high flexibility, and small equipment investment.But the offline glazing system due to increase the transport between the printing and polishing process work, so most offline glazing production efficiency is lower than online light.
  Online glazing is glazing unit connection after the printing unit, printing, polishing once completed. Now offset press, gravure press, and some UV silk screen printing machine can implement this process. Without the need for additional special polishing equipment, not only improve the working efficiency, but also overcome the offset printing powder caused by all kinds of quality failure, therefore, the online glazing become an attractive glazing. But online glazing technology of glazing, polishing oil, drying equipment and polishing equipment requirements are high. And UVLED printing machines are equipped with glazing part is several times higher than the price of the single machine polishing equipment.
  B,the advantages and disadvantages of offline glazing
  The advantages of relative to the online glazing, offline glazing mainly include the following:
  (1) the polishing effect is better, and print more beautiful.
       (2) after glazing products more abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
       (3) the choice of the UV oil range, large flexibility and low production cost.
       (4) the equipment of low cost, and thus the user investment is much less.
       (5) the glazing technology easy to grasp, less consumption of paper waste.
But the offline glazing covers an area of big, the efficiency is lower than online glazing.
       When it comes to choosing online or offline glazing polishing and recommend according to user's actual situation and decide, because online glazing and tax on light strengths and also to be short, whether to choose what kind of polishing method, enterprise's economic situation is factors must be considered, the enterprise existing configuration, and need processing products but also cannot be ignored.
  C,glazing technology application scope
  The practical application of glazing technology of print are: gold and silver cardboard printing, packing boxes, self-adhesive label, gift surface cover light, outdoor billboards, circuit board, color paper, etc., especially all kinds of bottle such as food, medicine, hardware, cigarettes, cosmetics, etc. In addition, the polishing technology, the cover of books or magazines with more enterprises in the promotion of the samples. Not only the local print full gloss and print gloss.
  Along with our country joined the wto, now more and more attention to environmental protection, in the past, many paper compound membrane products gradually replaced by polishing technology, especially in export packing, all of them are with glazing to improve the packaging of gloss, abrasion resistance, moisture, and corrosion resistance.

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