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UV machine to expand the global

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      UV machine to expand the global UV adhesives market analysis and forecast of knowledge.
      In the near future,the market research firm TMR, according to a report,UV glue in 2015 to 2020 of the world's average annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach 8.1%.And UV adhesives market will in 2013 from $069.3 million to $2020 in 116.9 million.UV glue study showed that as the application and popularization of small electronic devices of flexible packaging has stimulated demand, UV glue, UV glue itself at the same time significant advantages such as low VOC, high bonding strength, UVLED fast curing rate is also the cause of the high demand.UV glue is perfectly suitable for wood, metal, plastic box of other materials such as class structure and the structure of adhesive USES.
       TMR will UV adhesives market according to the product properties, application and market region partition.In terms of product attributes, the market is divided into organic silicone, acrylic resin, polyurethane, epoxy resin and other such as PVAc, SBC, polyether and polyester. Based on the optical properties of acrylic resin, wide applicability, low prices, characteristics of adhesive.It is widely used in UV adhesives, in the prediction period, acrylic UV glue is expected to remain the market leader.In 2013, epoxy UV glue occupy a big proportion of market share, however, as the organic silicon, polyester and acrylic resin demand high growth, the market share of epoxy UV glue in the subsequent years may atrophy. From the application, UV ultraviolet lamp market can be subdivided into pressure sensitive, wood processing, electronic assembly, packaging and laminating adhesive application and so on.
       From regional, UV adhesives market divided into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and other regions. Look from the consumption of 2013, North America has become the biggest market for UV gel, its market share of over 30%, but in the next few years in the Asia Pacific region UV adhesives market will grow rapidly. Other areas, such as Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, because its construction of UV glue high demand in this area will remain stable growth.
       san kun generations and science and technology as a developmental high-tech enterprises, is currently with industry leading technology strength, the production of UVLED model is diversiform, can meet the demand of different products, according to customer's requirement, can allocate suitable UV glue.

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