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The application of UVLED line light source in the microelect

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       The application of UVLED line light source in the microelectronics industry
       In the domestic belt UVLED UVLED line light source and curing machine, USES a number of Japanese patent technology, UV light curing area close to zero temperature and no electromagnetic radiation (EMC), low comprehensive cost, compact design, simple to use, economic and durable, multi-functional characteristics is especially suitable for the EMC and curing temperature sensitive components, such as head, cell phone components, semiconductor chips, etc. Consume little energy, general electrodeless lamp, under the request of a few KW of power uvled line light source is only a few watts, give full play of energy conservation and environmental protection uv curing characteristics.
1. Mobile phone components assembly (camera, headphones, microphone, shell, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)
2. Hard disk magnetic head assembly (gold wire fixation, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)
3. The DVD/digital camera (lens, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement)
4. The motor and components assembly (wire, coil is fixed, the coil end is fixed, PTC/NTC component adhesive, protection of transformer core)
5. Semiconductor chips (moisture proof protective coating and wafer mask and wafer contamination test, uv adhesive tape of the exposure, wafer polishing check)
6. Sensor production (gas sensors, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensors, photoelectric encoder, etc.)
7. Passive components (wavelength division multiplexer WDM, array waveguide grating AWG, optical divider SPLITTER, optical ISOLATOR ISOLATOR, optical coupler COUPLOR, etc.), all kinds of glass encapsulation structure adhesive or potting, tiny components such as fixed.
8. Active device (coaxial device TOSA/ROSA/BOSA, VCSEL, laser collimator, etc.) especially FTTX low-cost miniaturized plastic package structure
9. Optical fiber cable (coating, tag, adhesive, fiber optic gyroscope)
10. Polymer chemistry (nano coatings, uv-curable resin, photosensitizer, monomer, UV printing ink, etc.)

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