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Only the growth of the technology can lead to the developmen

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      Only the growth of the technology can lead to the development of UVLED light source
In recent years, with the, uvled line light source of luminous intensity and luminous efficiency improved rapidly in the mainland, make uvled light got a lot of play the role of the value.
       Throughout uvled cold light source for the development of the market. Uvled industry in a period of rapid update technology, a great extent, is driven by technology. It is the cycle of development, is a process of mutual promotion. Uvled line light source is widely used with uvled technology complement each other, each uvled technology progress, can bring uvled application in the field of rapid expansion, allowing people to uvled applications continue to increase, in turn inspire uvled line light source of innovation. In this case, a new application with technology innovation supplement each other.
     On behalf of uvled line light source are two important indexes of luminous intensity and luminous efficiency. Because of the two measures so as to make the rapid ascension of its growth, makes today's uvled drying technology has been widely used. This is more than 10 years of LED luminous efficiency increased nearly 1000 times. With LED luminous efficiency has increased, uvLED application has entered a development road.
     After 2003 LED back light application products has entered a period of great development, the first is the back light of portable electronic products (such as mobile phone back light), followed by a laptop computer, LCD monitor and LCD TV and other large size LCD panel back light is widely used, will once again LED the commercial application field into a new era.

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