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UVLED technology in printing industry innovation

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       As the strengthening of our environmental protection consciousness, it is necessary that the green printing in our country, although the front is full of difficulties, but the road we must insist on, because only this way is the sustainable development.
     It is the UV LED light source is conform to the trend. UV have begun to use in the paper, on the premise of instead of traditional mercury lamp, to ensure the quality of printing. Issue of lottery in China "scratch" is a typical application of the local UV glazing technology, for the scratch area local location to do polishing processing, ensure the lottery area waterproof, wear-resisting security, the stability of the area to ensure that the lottery printing graphic characters, moreover, can guarantee to cover ink stripping resistance, then in the glazing covered ink printing area.
     UV glazing process, the choice of the UV lamp and UV light oil is crucial, UV LED light source in the curing of light oil can completely replace the traditional mercury lamp, especially to avoid paper UV glazing process because of the bending deformation caused by high temperature, moreover the use of UV LED light source to save a lot of electricity, compared with the traditional mercury lamp, save a lot of cost, win more cost effective for the enterprise.
       UVLED alternatives to traditional UV mercury lamp must be a trend, but there is a way to go, cold light and UVLED UVLED ink, become decisive factor driing the progression of UVLED alternative UV mercury lamp.
     UVLED light achievement UVLED ink, or UVLED ink made UVLED cold light source? I personally think that complement each other, although, UVLED ink can use cold light curing UVLED namely, also can use UV mercury lamp curing, but in order to enterprise long-term development, the use of UVLED curing can save a lot of cost, improve production efficiency at the same time, the environmental protection and social sustainable development contribute an own strength.

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