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Biggest challenge is to UVLED LED industry

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       LED industry's biggest opportunity is UV LED.
      In the report, he traditional UV curing concrete contrast mercury lamp to clarify the characteristics of UV LED light. Conventional uv curing mercury lamp life for 500 to 1000 hours, plus the need before each use of preheating, so actual effective use of time far less than 500 hours. While UV leds can reach 30000-50000 hours of operational life. In addition, the traditional UV curing mercury lamp will produce large amounts of heat and infrared ray, high heat, need to match the cooling system and air conditioning equipment, coupled with large equipment volume, large energy consumption, short service life, mercury, and produce ozone, etc., and with UV LED light source, can obtain higher UVrange out of light efficiency, at the same time combines the advantages of small volume, a single wavelength, let the UV light source can be a very short distance coating, increase effective light source, and at the same time to speed up the reaction time, let the time less than one over one million of a second (ms), without preheating, out-of-the-box, without well-selling products, a substantial increase in the effective use of time.
      The UV LED, of course, also have certain shortcomings. Mark with UV LED light efficiency decline curve to clarify it with the relationship between the temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the UV LED recession, therefore, UV LED chip structure need to be, the heat dissipation to deal with. In addition, the wavelength of the lower stage, UV LED the more difficult it is to production.
       For the current UV LED application, Mark said, UV LED is mainly used for medical, industrial and commercial printing equipment, counterfeit detector, etc., are usually cheaper, high band LED the current UV LED in the 450 nm band price close to the normal UV lamp. Mark believes that the future UV LED the market growth rate would be 30% to 30%, and fully replace ordinary UV lamp.

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