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The application of UV curing technology in optical industry

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      Optical industry is mainly used for the LED cold light source (uvled point source) series products of concentrated, light. According to different design requirements, the Angle of the light emitted by LED, by increasing the optical reflection, reduce light loss, improve the effectiveness of the light.
  The application of the optical industry are:
1. The liquid crystal display (back light) diffusion membrane, ling mirror film
2. Optical components assembly (lens, prism, the optical engine assembly)
3. Image instrument assembly (microscope and endoscope, infrared detector, goggles, probe, etc.)
4. Active device (coaxial device TOSA/ROSA/BOSA, VCSEL, laser collimator, etc.) especially FTTX low-cost miniaturized plastic package structure
5. Passive components (wavelength division multiplexer WDM, array waveguide grating AWG, optical divider, optoisolator ISOLATOR, optical coupler COUPLOR, etc.), all kinds of glass encapsulation structure adhesive or potting, tiny component fixed, etc

  The advantage of UVLED curing:
1, good quality of UV curable paint, save paint
2, can save energy costs, greatly reduce the CO2 emissions
3, because ultraviolet light devices are simple to set up easy, less investment, low maintenance cost
4, higher luminous efficiency, small power consumption, long service life
5, UV drying machine can be instantly switched on or off, without UV light way of heating and cooling time, improve efficiency