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UVLED applications development present situation and trend a

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      UVLED applications development present situation and trend analysis
      According to statistics, in 2014 as a whole the UV (ultraviolet) the size of the market at $815 million (about 5.012 billion yuan), the UV LED output value of 122 million dollars (about 750 million yuan), total UV market rate of 15%.
      But the personage inside course of study says, with the LED lighting from laboratory to highly industrialization progress is different, the efficiency of uv leds and other technical details still has great room to improve. With LED lighting technical problems encountered in the process of industrialization, the efficiency is one of the most important indicator quantitative industry development progress. It is understood that the effective sterilization efficiency of high pressure mercury lamp in 5% ~ 8%, less than 280 nm UV LED was 10% in the year to the efficiency of laboratory level, but the industrialization level is only 2%.

      Both the traditional light source and LED light source, from blue to Deep ultraviolet (Deep UV), as the wavelength of 365 nm to 280 nm gradually shortened, preparation of difficulty are improved. For the LED light source, the shorter wavelength means doping GaAlN ratio increased, which makes the p-type material conductivity worse and worse, the efficiency of the device is difficult to improve.
      In addition to the high technical threshold, UV LED application business model also is exploring, market to the application of new light source when can embrace is unknown.
       The current UV LED is very close to the LED lighting development initial period in the field of ideology. Market demand and the number of enterprises there is a "chicken eggs, eggs, chicken" relationship. So many companies are still bullish on UV LED segments stay, don't want to throw money "testing the waters". But with the growing market demand, there will be more focus on UV LED business and involved in this field, this is a kind of inevitable trend.
      High technical threshold and scarce equipment for UV LED survival has been dependent on the "blood" of the enterprise. As technology and the price has yet to cut into the massive market opportunity, market returns of the day is still very long, before that, the enterprise needs a lot of investment for research and development costs and equipment investment, and at present the country and does not have relevant policy support, rely mainly on the marketization of venture capital. Encouragingly, the national 863 program has attached great importance to and project of UVLED technology, which will drive the enterprises pay attention, naturally there will be more enterprises to participate.
       At present, the general civilian means are used in the UV LED, it is because the technology has yet to mass production, second is used in the user has not yet formed the demand for portable disinfection. However, once the UV LED efficiency, the technology will kill bacteria for convenient security equipment to provide important basis.
       And LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, when it comes to the UV LED, more and more people think that when the high pressure mercury lamp can be replaced by the UV LED. Previously, medical use of high pressure mercury lamp in medical disinfection, large-scale use of public health and other areas, but due to the properties of the mercury lamp itself, many areas can use mercury lamp. And in these areas, UV LED display space. It is understood that the current UV LED functions including clean water sterilization, such as drinking water sterilization, tank sterilization and water appliance sterilization lamp; Class sterilization will be used in air conditioners, air humidifier, air purifier and UV light catalytic purifier products, food aseptic processing and packaging, catering and object surface sterilization, such as home appliances such as refrigerator, disinfection cabinet.
      Also, currently using UV LED as few of hospital disinfection, cure diseases, hospital use UV LED needs to be a long time. And as the disinfection and sterilization function, UV LED is used in the medical treatment issue has not been large-scale applied to clinical, as an emerging technology, especially in the human eye visible outside what are the benefits and harm to human body, also need more arguments and experiments can ensure that the technology can be used as medical treatments. It is positive, however, that the UV LED has extended out than the high pressure mercury lamp UV broader application and market. Presumably, both in technology and business model, UV LED need brewing and explore, waiting for the market.