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Uvled ten big advantage compared with mercury lamp light sou

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    Uvled ten big advantage compared with mercury lamp light source
    Many places in our country, all is the use of uv mercury lamp for curing. However, the harm of the mercury lamp brings. With the birth of the UVLED surface light source, the advantages of environmental protection will instead of mercury lamp, UV LED was inevitable.

1, do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, replacement of traditional light source technology is a safer, more environmentally friendly option.
2, cold light source, no radiation, according to the product surface of low temperature, heat damage to solve the long existing in optical communication, LCD production problems. Especially suitable for LCD sealing side requiring small temperature, film printing and so on.
3, calorific value is small, can solve the great calorific value of mercury lamp spray equipment and personnel intolerable.
4, instant light, do not need to preheat immediately reached 100% uv output power.
5, long life: life is a traditional mercury lamp of type of curing machine more than 10 times, about 25000-30000 hours.
6, high energy, light output stability, uniform irradiation effect is good, improve production efficiency.
7, can be customized effective radiation area, from 20 mm to 1000 mm in length.
8, service life is not influenced by a number of open and close.
9, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp type curing press, can save 90% energy.
10, maintenance cost is almost zero, use UVLED curing equipment to save at least 10000 yuan a year/material fee.

     Because UVLED is a new industry, there is few do this UVLED lighting manufacturers. Now sell very fire is shenzhen sankun generations and technology uvled point light source technology co., LTD., has a wealth of uv light source and the corresponding equipment professional and technical experience, has the most advanced technology in the industry.