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The application of UVLED curing machine in the LCD industry

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      LCD is a kind of new and high technology industries, including UV light curing technology has great application in the LCD. Uv curing light source in the application of LCD LCD industry: uv light on the LCD sealing, sealing box adhesive curing.
      Empty after no perfusion pressure of liquid crystal liquid crystal box to box sealing glue uv-curable, perfusion liquid crystal liquid crystal box after uv irradiation curing for sealing glue. When using the sealing glue, should be reasonable according to the performance of UV glue used for curing process conditions, avoid using excessive ultraviolet curing, to prevent bad influence on LCD. Because ultraviolet light decomposition of liquid crystal materials will increase the power consumption of the device current.

       UV curing machine is in light initiator is added to a specially formulated resin, UV coating after ultraviolet radiation, after absorbing the high intensity ultraviolet UV light curing equipment, produce chemical reaction, light initiator were triggered in the coating, or swim from surface to produce ions, these free radicals or ion and pre polymers or double bonds of unsaturated monomers crosslinking reaction, the formation of monomer, triggering polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reaction, make the UV coating in seconds (range) from liquid into solid. This process is called the UV curing, but this is not the end of the process, its curing process after another, so testing the quality of the product after curing, should be carried out after 5 minutes (after curing.