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UV use opportunely changes enterprise development new patter

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      With the improvement of the masses of customers to product requirements, each enterprise in order to make their products more advantages and more popular in the market, so the use of high technology products invest large amounts of energy, one of enterprises in the use of UV dryer is very representative, its use for more mature enterprise, to produce a product quality is more reliable.
     Strong UV high pressure mercury lamp made from high quality pure quartz tube, UV to high degree and the penetration, the arc length/light length can be ranged from 5 cm to 300 cm, common power 30 w to 200 w per cm, super power UV lamp is in commonly 200 w per cm or more, the light spectrum range between 350-450 nm, the main peak is 365 nm, has more than 700 varieties, the power of 100 w - 25 kw.
     UV lamp life generally refers to its can maintain enough energy for operation time, during which the attenuation of energy gradually until below the acceptable range, the general standard of the UV lamp that emits sufficient UV energy up to 800 hours. The UV curing is widely used for bamboo and wood floor, furniture, decoration materials, printing, printing cans, plastic coating, panels, circuit boards, CD, etc; And semiconductor, electronic components, LCD screen and other adhesive curing the ideal light source.
     Five printing: silk screen printing, offset printing, color printing is mostly used. Like U disk, CD, such as using uv glue, in the disc printing, also use uv screen printing ink, in silk screen printing, now mostly using uv ink to printing. With a quick drying, good adhesion, various performance standards (adhesion, friction resistance, etc.).
     Scope of application: spraying aspects: general following from spraying, cosmetics case, MP3 use mostly small home appliance such as plastic spraying company, mobile phone shell coating with uv printing both industry, is different to the requirement of uv, see his products and equipment. Following from spraying company, most of the six - eight tubes (in a coating line) as long as the parameters provided by on, through know the specifications and parameters of the uv lamp, can guarantee to replace.
     But for now this uv ultraviolet mercury lamp has a large energy consumption, short service life, ozone, the disadvantages such as large volume, followed by UVLED, such technology has been developing for more than 10 years, UVLED in promoting the economic development process have the effect of continuity, drive the people awareness of environmental protection, of economic benefits, UVLED in addition to completely change the uv ultraviolet lamp to the places where bad, more convenient integration etc.
      Based on the analysis of the above material UVLED lamp is more in line with the needs of users, at the same time also more obvious driving the development of the enterprise, also more competitive in the market at the same time, pull the development of the amount of the industry. Shenzhen san kun technology co., LTD. On the basis of the successfully developed UVLED point light source, UVLED line light source, UVLED surface light source, UV light curing used in various industries sectors.