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In 2015, LED packaging industry urgently needs to resolve pr

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      In 2015, LED packaging industry urgently needs to resolve problems and future trend analysis     
Due to lighting and backlight profit margins continued to decline, domestic LED packaging companies increasingly falling prices and scale expansion in a vicious cycle. Clearly, cannot solve large-scale expansion of structural overcapacity problem, transformation and upgrading of enterprises need to optimize the structure of its earnings.
Light could uvled OFweek semiconductor lighting webex Had previously discussed, LED businesses generally eager pursuit of scale, especially the packaging enterprises. Many packaging companies are racing to do big capacity in their view, the larger the capacity enterprise the safety. However, the fact is not as they wish.

  Last year's high stimulation, lighting market in the second half of 2014, LED packaging field in our country the expansion has a peak. But with the release of production capacity, lighting market this year but came a 180 - degree turn, prices drive to kill the encapsulation profits compelled to freezing point, shrinking packaging enterprise profit space narrow. Due to lighting and backlight profit margins continued to decline, domestic LED packaging companies increasingly falling prices and scale expansion in a vicious cycle. Clearly, cannot solve large-scale expansion of structural overcapacity problem, transformation and upgrading of enterprises need to optimize the structure of its earnings. 
"Incremental ZengLi" into the spell, in 2015, in the face of the domestic economy downward pressure, UVLED curing light industry competition is particularly intense. Affected by the price war LED lighting products, LED packaging enterprise survival space will be squeezed, further market to fall into a state of "incremental ZengLi" again. Although the size of the market still maintain rapid growth, but earnings performance is still weak in enterprises.
  Philips, sharp, EcoSmart and Verbatim international giants such as lower market prices of LED lamp, LED to the first half of 2015 Taiwan LED packaging service providers offer fell by 15% - 17% on average. At the same time, it is caused a certain effect on mainland packaging companies. The starlight, hon photoelectric, due to the product line spread profit is relatively stable, fast growth, net profit. And honest, poly photoelectric science and technology, and companies such as wooden Tomlinson, due to the product line is relatively concentrated, lead to profitability, in the first half net profit fell by 7% - 7% than the same period last year.
  The personage inside course of study says, prices fell sharply as a direct result of the LED packaging market as a whole is better than expected, the vast majority of corporate profits and grows with the growth in shipments, some even fell. In 2835, for example, as the main trend of LED package service provider in China accepted LED device, industry as a whole has risen from five to eight cents in the first half of a now down to 3 ~ 5 cents a even lower, fell to 60%.
 According to relevant data, due to the rapid development of China's LED packaging industry, intensified competition in the global packaging industry. In the first half of 2015, the domestic LED encapsulation device most product price decline more than 50%, international LED packaging companies product prices also fell more than 20%.
   "Show it is beneath the basic components in the first half of the more than half, although the order has been in short supply, but did not get the same amount of profit increase." Taiwan co,general manager of crystal Gong Wen told reporters that the company was set up 7 years, before the revenue is doubling every year, but did not achieve the desired effect in the first three quarters of profits this year.

  In the fierce market competition, cost control ability determines the market competitiveness. In 2014, in the premise of UVLED lighting market there is still a large room for growth, technology, financial strength of the manufacturers, began to expand the production scale, diluted costs, including hon, ruifeng, fly, mega chi, such as manufacturers, have expand production line. In 2015, the encapsulation of the giant capacity gradually released, make originally is already very competitive market. Application market changed, according to industry research institutions, according to data released in China in 2014 LED packaging market size of $8.6 billion, annual growth of 19%. LED packaging industry will be 15% in 2015-20% growth.
  Has long been a backlight and lighting are two major applications of LED packaging industry market, last year the proportion of 15% and 50%, respectively. Among them, the LED backlight application market gradually saturated, the market share fell from 15% to 15%; LED display application proportion fell to 28% from 26%; LED general lighting application market share continue to improve, to 34% from 29% in 2013. At present, the white light lighting become main power to promote the development of global LED packaging industry.
  With the globalization of China's LED lighting, lighting encapsulation afternoon space to grow up. In the first quarter of 2015 the lighting industry to complete export $9.584 billion, up 22.42% from a year earlier. Including southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa and other emerging markets boom, soared 90% to asean countries sharply, worthy has become the third largest export destination.
  It is behind the Chinese manufacturer of LED products, fully meet the emerging market countries cost-effective requirements of LED lighting products. At the same time, because of Chinese packaging enterprise has fully occupied low-end UVLED assembly field market, the most cost competitive advantage. The rise of emerging markets will be conducive to the future of LED encapsulation further release of production capacity.
       But some analysts believe that the future of LED encapsulation or slow growth rate, the reason is that the LED segment market demand slowdown. First is the LED flash, backlight market two subdivided market demand has fallen in, the consumer electronics industry are mature, industry needs to slow down, such as tablets, the development of smart phones.
      The economic downturn caused by the backlight weak demand. In the first half of the poly photoelectric backlit LED business achieving revenues than the same period last year decreased by 11.07%. Together fly photoelectric chairman secretary YanJingHuang explanation, resulting in a decline in performance declines in addition to a reasonable price, mainly is the mobile phone market slowing demand and development to 5.5 inch after the phone's screen, growth space is not very big, the other as phones brightness of ascension also decrease the dosage of the LED backlight device.
      By looking at the domestic mobile phone sales report found that the slowdown in the domestic mobile phone market growth in the first half of this year, sales fell 3%, the market is driven by a simple price, compound to compete and return to retail source.
      Benefit from the LED backlight market, localization of the constant improvement of the replacement rate, market share is gradually improve domestic large size. While the medium and small size market is saturated, appear weak growth in recent years. In addition, many foreign mobile phone chain, and domestic enterprises is difficult to access.
      Adjust the positioning is the first
      Now, LED packaging industry will be formally entered the competition elimination period, the trend of "large amounts Evergrande" is more outstanding, industry concentration increased. In 2014, there have been hundreds of packaging enterprises. Last year, at the same time, the domestic mainstream LED packaging companies wood Tomlinson encapsulation scale will reach 3 billion yuan of above, the star, fly to more than 1 billion, hon, ruifeng, oblong to reach 8-1 billion, plus potential enterprise dongshan precision, trillion chi, honest, crystal table, etc., in 2015, the Chinese LED encapsulation, more than 1 billion enterprises will increase the size of the industry concentration will be up to the big enterprise.
      With the release of the listed companies and scale enterprises to expand capacity, traditional packaging device will enter the small profit era. And small businesses to mass production and technical ability is limited, it is difficult to compete with large enterprises, not raise ZengLi predicament deepened on small businesses, and once the downstream application of customer problems, small packaging enterprises will face greater risks.
      For the China packaging manufacturers, business is not easy. On the one hand, the profit is not high, on the other hand have to bear higher operating risk, once a customer has a problem, or quality point error, a year's efforts are in vain, serious even because of capital chain rupture failures. In 2015, the encapsulation of the giant capacity gradually released, originally is already very competitive market, become more bad. Without the financial support of manufacturers, the management more difficult.
      Obviously, a lot of the mainstream of LED packaging companies have realized this problem, even if the scale is not structurally optimize the profit structure of the LED packaging companies. When prices constantly refresh the bottom line, the increasing of competition, domestic enterprises have adjusted market strategy, active layout in emerging markets, intelligent lighting contour margin market segment.
     In June, lianchuang optoelectronic m&a Fang Dazhi control, reinforcing the company quickly intelligent lighting, so as to realize the lighting business of the company by the manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, engineering contracting business to intelligent lighting solutions to business transformation and upgrading; And by introducing overseas Fang Dazhi charged with technical team and resources, and help the company further expand into wisdom city, cloud computing and other fields.
     In the first half of the honest also increased the investment in research and development of science and technology, and investment capital is 15.8426 million yuan, up 132.90% from a year earlier, the layout and development of smart home, infrared touchscreen, rail transportation, rail transportation to the airport and other major traffic station hall class and military special lighting market segments with high added value.
In the future, as the LED lighting market gold period, LED packaging companies will also further transformation and upgrading, only because of the city and, for those routes, constantly adjust their position according to the market development, can be in an impregnable position in the competition.