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Crystal adhesive UV adhesive curing

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      Crystal adhesive UV glue as a kind of UV glue, at the time of UV curing glue must be UV light solid machine, because by the illuminate of uvled exposure machine can make the UV glue, finally forming curing. This can say is a magic cure. UV light curing and at the same time the characteristics of a large, has many characteristics, such as energy conservation, environmental protection, so the application of UV light curing is an ideal choice.
Scope of application:
      Used in mucous metal, glass, glass, crystal adhesive metal, crystal image, crystal crystal materials such as adhesive glue. For a typical crystal handicraft industries.
Crystal adhesive UV glue product features:
1, mainly used for crystal image of adhesive and figure, figure the time off fast, does not react with pictures after curing;
2, small rubber after curing shrinkage rate, grinding, drilling after crystal not crack, not into the water;
3, flexibility formula, especially in the high humid environment remains stable state;
4, the intensity is high, can be used to point, damage experiments can be close to 100% of the crystal body damage;

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