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UVLED power optical fiber and the development ofthe Internet

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      Now is a the age of the Internet, a lot of things can be directly operating on the Internet. The Internet has made the life of people is becoming more and more convenient. And this is very high to the requirement of speed. And optical fiber network can improve the speed of the network to the greatest extent. Optical fiber coating requires the use of the solidified uvled light curing technology.
  Optical fiber is composed of fiber core and cladding and coating. Typical of the fiber core is pure silica glass or germanium doped silica glass, and the package layer may be pure silica silica glass. The diameter of the fiber core depends on the applications of the fiber, and a cladding is 125 microns in diameter. Optical fiber polymer coating thickness is about 60 mu m. Therefore, optical fiber is 245 microns in diameter. Among them, the internal coating is soft, outside a hard coating.Internal coating used for protection of bare fiber surface from mechanical damage, and have the effect of buffer external stress in the fiber used. Outer coating hard wear resistance for optical fiber. Optical fiber welding and connection, must clean cleanly removed from the glass fiber surface coating. In order to be able to provide with a small force can remove it and do not leave leftovers coating, you must understand the impact peeling of coating properties. Understanding these effects, stripping force must be the difference between the coating and coating of the output.The stripping force of the coating are decided by the outer coating of the fiber; Coating of the output, i.e., optical fiber cladding coating and quartz glass bond, depends on the internal coating of the fiber. In actual production, the outer coating curing basic saturated state, so the need to control to optical fiber inside the dosage of the ultraviolet curing coating to ensure the coating of the fiber output meets the requirement of optical fiber specification. Uv curing coatings is the basic composition of uv light can polymerization of synthetic resin, photosensitizer, and active diluent and some special additives. Photosensitizer, also known as uv polymerization initiator, it is an essential part of uv curing coating components. Coating curing rate depends largely on the composition of variety and quantity. They are most near ultraviolet light effects of free radical substances, they are sensitive to light and thermal stability. In the process of coating, absorb ultraviolet light can produce free radicals, cause oligomer and thinner film crosslinking reaction.
  In practical production, there are many factors which can affect curing optical fiber, is more complicated. There are several ways to measure the ultraviolet curing of acrylate coating curing degree, and the coating of the fiber output. So as to explore some new can affect curing optical fiber and the corresponding optical fiber element. The influence of the coating, generally speaking, ultraviolet curing coating is by prepolymer with high viscosity, low viscosity monomer, light initiator as well as other packing, etc, is a kind of viscosity changes with the temperature of the thixotropic fluid.The influence of uv curing equipment: uv curing equipment has its service life, the extension of the light intensity over time will be reduced, thereby affect the curing degree, curing of the fiber quality, influence on the performance fiber coating stripping force etc. Traditional UV lamp in this respect is very obvious, but in terms of UVLED light curing equipment, the service life of the UV point light source, light intensity, and so on have the very big improvement.In the use of UVLED light as light source, can be completely unnecessary for such reasons. LCM LCD display module, LCD module, refers to the liquid crystal display device, fitting, control and drive the peripheral circuit, such as PCB, back light, components assembly components together.
       Long life, life is a traditional mercury lamp of type of curing machine more than 10 times, about 25000-30000 hours. Cold light source, no radiation, according to the product surface of low temperature, heat damage to solve the long existing in optical communication, LCD production problems. Especially suitable for LCD sealing side requiring small temperature, film printing and so on. Calorific value is small, can solve the great calorific value of mercury lamp spray equipment and personnel intolerable. Moment light, do not need to preheat immediately reached 100% uv output power. Life is not affected by the number of open and close. High energy, light output stability, uniform irradiation effect is good, improve production efficiency. Do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, replacement of traditional light source technology is a safer, more environmentally friendly option.
      The development of the Internet is a revolution, the Internet gives people a lot of opportunities, also in imperceptible in changing the habits of people's lives. For many industries, because of the development of the Internet ushered in the opportunity. UVLED curing technology is through the optical fiber and the development of the Internet together.