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The significance of uvled light source for uv glue

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      Uv glue and uvled light source device is soon rise of the new product, they are born, why so say, because the use of uv glue need uvled uv curing technology, and the technology which require the participation of uvled light source, the following introduce about the uv glue and uvled light source.
      Uv glue is a kind of have to after uv irradiation to curing type of adhesive, because this kind of its curing way we call it uv-curable adhesive again, besides as adhesive, it can also be used as paint, coatings, printing ink used. Uv glue more widely applicable range, to the bonding effect of all kinds of materials are very good. Not only curing speed and strength is very high, presents a transparent effect, very beautiful. After curing can adapt to various environment.
      Uvled light source is the latest research and development of a technology, have a long life, high energy, and will not generate heat, energy conservation and environmental protection. Because it is cold light source, so especially suitable for use in liquid crystal sealing edge; Ability to flash light, large power output; Exquisite appearance, easy installation, suitable for use in automatic production equipment; With the use of air nuisances such as will not produce ozone. Uvled drying technology mainly produces energy by emitting uv, uv glue curing needs after uv irradiation.
Uvled light source can launch a uv and uv glue needs to receive uv curing, USES the advanced uvled light source can be efficient for uv curing glue with high quality products, let us enjoy more quality of life.