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The application of UV technology in intelligent mobile phone

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      Fashionable whole world with iPhone6s and the pro, ultra-thin, touch screen, intelligent system of MID products became the latest consumption to be bestowed favor on newly. The mobile phone in the process of design and manufacture, the shell by using the combined structure of alloy and engineering plastics become the new trend. With the traditional light in the process of production, the assembly of the thread and the clasp is very satisfied to achieve ultra-thin ultra-light, three-dimensional aesthetic characteristics, in order to achieve the no clearance and flat thin outer point of view, more and more used in the assembly process adhesive for bonding, joint component. UVLED light curing technology meet the requirements of the adhesive curing short time.
Smart phones with UV light solid machine parts as follows:

1, mobile phone screen and mobile frame of adhesive
2, mobile phone shell of the adhesive
3, side keys bonding fixed
4, camera window position
5, the LOGO of paste
6, smartphone with sound cavity in the lid of the box
7, smart phones, FPC between antenna and casing
On 8, camera module between the HOLDER and the FPC (FPC bending area)
9, mobile phone flat type motor wiring fixed.
10, mobile phone motherboard fixed

      Above gradually dipped with glue, such as some used double-sided adhesive, hot melt adhesive, UV adhesive glue, instant glue, silica gel, etc., most of them adopt UV point light source technology. But because the mobile phone is consumer goods, according to eu directive 2009/425 / EC on organotin compounds including tributyltin compounds, triphenyl tin and tin, two dotl compounds, including before the official start of the limit of the two time is July 1, 2010, then both time is on January 1, 2012. Above four kinds of organotin compounds are widely used in consumer products, in the real production process, the world's production is 10% ~ 20% is used for synthesis of organic tin compounds, thus widely in application of this material. Ban under the organic tin because, organotin compounds of biological harm is serious, can cause diabetes and hyperlipidemia disease, etc. UV curing equipment collocation UV glue can be used not only in organotin compounds can also be applied to other related material.