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UV light solid machine is used for optical fiber coloring ma

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      With the coming of information age, condemned the rise of the transport information carrier optical fiber industry. Optical fiber coloring machine answer, because of the need of use, optical fiber should be divided into all sorts of color, shading the fastest drying curing system of UVLED (uv).
      From the production of the fiber to coloring, no doubt, is a process of high speed, because of long fiber bundle, so someone also called optical fiber optical fiber staining to injection machine, describes its production speed is fast. Production of express delivery of fast, means that the greater demands of the UV curing. Optical fiber coloring machine UV curing system is suitable for choice: high power density and intensity of UV lamp, attention should be paid to the influence of the temperature at the same time. Moreover the UVLED light refraction reflection energy also has the solid machine, with good imported reflecting plate, and to achieve the effect of condenser.
       Current fiber UV curing system, UV stepless adjustable light power supply, used in optical fiber industry, can activate different types, different length of tubes, and may also provide additional 20% to 40% of the UV energy. Can help improve energy and electricity saving effect. Can also cooperate with PLC programming and touch screen, to make simple and all-inclusive some operation and effective control, the use and operation is simple and easy to use.
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