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What are the benefits uv-curable?

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A: low temperature processing, small heat damage
       Ultraviolet (uv) does not produce heat, illumination can complete curing and drying temperature does not rise. In the heat resistant materials (plastic, vinyl, paper, etc.) under deformation and metamorphism, can complete curing and drying.
B: a short period of time can complete curing and drying
     Thermal curing and drying must spend hours of engineering, and UV light solid machine only a few seconds to complete.
C: save space
     For UV light (UV light), mirror and other optical class as the center, and other large stoves or without heating equipment, making the scene of the space can be saved.
D: no pollution
       Do not use organic solvent, there is no need to worry about produce toxic gas or water quality pollution, and smoke-free. To UV, UV curing, drying, and then the technology, will not damage the environment.
E: fast effect
      It is to use ultraviolet light to solidification, a uv light, cured soon, so be quick.