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UVLED application in medical equipment industry

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       With the progress of science and technology, UVLED light source in hearing AIDS, cardiac catheter, infusion tube, obtained using endoscope assembly and other production. With the continuous improvement of medical adhesive of environmental protection safety requirements, the application of UV curing adhesive and UVLED will continue to increase.
The medicine is mainly used are:
1. The mask
2. The syringe
3. The catheter assembly (drainage tube, intravenous tubing)
4. Vascular implants accessories
5. Endoscope assembly
6. The arteries locate
7. Insulin pen
8. Tubular drainage device
9. The trachea pipe
10. The blood oxygenation
11. A hearing aid
12. Detection, monitoring, and image equipment
13. Biochip
14. Bonding PVC, thermal plastic (ABS) polycarbonate polymerization

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