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Uvled applied in PCB circuit board light curing

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      Shenzhen three generations and the efficient UVLED line light source of science and technology, UVLED point light source and UVLED surface light source, LED light solid machine, such as the patent LED technology imported from Japan, the most effective to reduce temperature and electromagnetic radiation curing area, long service life, low comprehensive cost, compact design, simple to use, economic and durable, multi-functional characteristics, customer demand is more and more strict recently due to the PCB, including wave resistance, shock resistance, oxidation resistance, environmental protection, such as strict requirements, make the following application is more and more widely. Uvled efficient environmental protection light source in a simple, efficient, economic, environmental and reliable features, fully meet the requirements of the customers.
     Small volume design, the volume of UVLED line light controller for about 1/8 of the traditional LAMP irradiation machine volume, make the equipment installation is more simple, small light head design, fully consider the space requirements of precision production, make the installation more convenient
Reduce the material cost, LED the use time of generally can reach 25000-30000 hours, and the traditional LAMP irradiation machine need to replace tubes about 2000 hours or so, UVLED drying using cable output, fiber optic light, LED can reduce the cost of technological equipment for you, improve equipment utilization.

  1. The components (capacitor, inductor, a variety of plug-ins, screw, chips, etc.)
2. Moistureproof potting and core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection
3. Circuit board type (Angle) coating
4. The ground and fly line, coil is fixed
5. Wave soldering flux aperture mask