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The application of uvled curing light source in the cell pho

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      Most of the mobile phone camera is composed of cmos and plastic parts and lens, in the process of production, may use uvled curing light, according to the different application scope, we will choose different uvled drying curing light.
      The application of the curing light: the size of the mobile phone usually is very small, the temperature sensor is also quite strong, uvled curing light source can be according to the size of the camera, can cure 50-200, at a time, usually the UV glue cured at 5 to 20 seconds, the temperature below 5 degrees. Does not need external cooling, compact appearance, suitable for production of more than one way. In different situations, and can be furnished with a variety of different irradiation head use. Small make up for you to explain in detail the application of: many of the company's production camera need IR filter, in which the IR filter can pass the wavelength range is 390-600 nm, cut off most of the UVA (320-390 nm), after using UV/visible light curing glue, curing problem. Most of the UV curing equipment at 365 nm, to achieve to visible light intensity, usually need to extend the curing time, the ultraviolet light is converted to heat, makes the cellphone cameras overheating and affect the product performance. There are some spectrum does not match the light even need 1 hours of curing time.
       For this application, I company cooperate with 420 nm enhanced visible light LED, mainly spectral concentration in 395-445 nm, can be in 5 to 20 seconds UV curing light. No more than 60 w power consumption, the temperature is not more than 5 degrees, we get actual to solve your problem.
Camera mass production process, to a lot of factories are method, is the multiple points to manually or automatically JiaoGong who Shared a large set of UV curing equipment, noise, dust and electric power consumption is big, looks very efficient way of curing, the actual due to curing element is small, efficiency is very low. For many current product cleanliness is very high, and high temperature, high environmental requirements. Our way of improvement, is the use of efficient miniature curing machine, directly on beside the point glue, can share together a few.
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