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UVLED market scale will reach $2019 in 520 million

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       According to Yole Developpement company's latest report UVLED - trends in technology, manufacturing and application, at present, UVLED light solid technology has been widely used in the field of curing, predicts 2017, will get into the new application development opportunities such as disinfection, purification, the report reviewed the traditional UV lamp business and interpret the UV LED technology. Report that a notable factor is, industry insiders said they interested in cheaper and cleaner technologies.
       Yole report including the analysis of the UV curing, UV purification disinfection and instrument, etc. All the in-depth analysis of the application of UV lamp, also from 2008 to 2019, the traditional UV lamp and UV LED detailed market capacity and the size of weights, various applications and technology.
UV LED technology because of its compactness and relatively low cost, in the UV curing business booming, replaced the traditional techniques, such as mercury lamp. Mentioned in the report, due to the application of curing, the overall UV LED the market in 2008 from $20 million to $2015 in 90 million, the compound annual growth rate of 28.5%.

       UV LED curing will continue to occupy the inks, adhesives and coatings, and other industries, the report said that by 2018, UV irradiation will also has been applied in UVC disinfection and purification, as a result, the UV LED business is expected to increase from about $90 million in 2015 to 2015 years of at least $520 million. If considering the UV LED in general lighting, garden lighting, medical equipment, eliminate hospital infection and other new areas of application ability, its potential is greater. Just these applications has not yet formed a large market scale, Yole these new areas of application in 2019 is expected to account for nearly 10% of the total UV LED the size of the market.
      In 2008, Yole for UV LED to fewer than ten companies according to the survey on the development and manufacture of the equipment, now has more than 50 companies in the industry, including between 2012 and 2015, there are more than 30. LED industry, some of the big companies such as philips Lumileds companies and LG guinot UVLED grab a foothold. According to Yole analysis, based on its powerful LED industry technology, the two giants into further development will help the industry, expand the market. One example that is, UV light curing has transition from almost entirely the basis of 2 inches to 6 inches sapphire substrate, at least it can provide 30% of the overall increase in productivity, will help to further reduce the manufacturing cost.