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How UVLED curing machine maintenance?

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       In order to make UVLED can have longer service life, daily maintenance is very important. This is also the steps necessary to ensure production safety and efficiency. Maintain normal operation of the UV machine should be regularly check. Check the running of the fan motor is normal, if there are abnormal noise inside the machine, maintenance should be shut down immediately and notify the maintenance personnel. Open the ultraviolet lamp light switches, confirm whether the lamp lit, if not bright, notify the maintenance personnel maintenance. In addition to the inspection method, the monthly maintenance is also very necessary. Monthly maintenance mainly includes the following steps:
1, clean the dust chamber in the machine.
2, check whether the uv curing machine vents blocked, and clean up the dust.
3, for the sprocket, the drive chain add lubricating oil.
4, check the normal operation of the fan motor or not, whether the speed of the motor can meet the job requirements.
5, check whether the lamp current is normal, the line is aging.
6, check the UV lamp light intensity is still in the scope of work standards, the lamp is aging.

In the maintenance done, and every six months the ongoing maintenance of the operation:
1, check that the mesh belt firmness is appropriate.
2, check the uv curing machine line and the switch is normal.
3, the resistance of the transformer is not lower than 5 ohms, such as low 5 megohm must dry transformer.
4, check if there's any loose for the shaft, the rotation wheel, if two chain wheel is vertical.
5, with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol reflective shield to wipe clean.
6, cheer for motor reducer.
To achieve after the maintenance, the use of UV machine can be safe and effective for a long time.