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Choose UVLED curing confidential consideration

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1.UVLED energy
     Strength of UVLED and accurate control of exposure time, can be precisely controlled UVLED energy. Control of the exposure time, our advanced UVLED curing machine, the built-in computer microprocessor, exposure time can be set and a variety of patterns. Strength of UVLED control, we will adjust the percentage to control by computer, because we can do is point is bright LED technology.
2.The strength of the UVLED curing machine
      Generally speaking, UVLED intensity of the UV curing machine is very uniform, approximately 300 nm - 400 nm wavelength range, don't choose a few no data of so-called UVLED curing machine.
3.UVLED spectrum
       At present by the development of light curing, in many applications, such as surface curing, visible light curing, etc., also appeared some UVA UVB rays or enhanced visible light bulbs, advanced UV dryer, can match different spectrum and generally do not make any hardware changes, so that we can greatly increase the flexibility of research and development.
4. UVLED safety and temperature curing machine
       Advanced UVLED curing machine with a safety lock, automatically shut down the shutter exposure, protect user security. Other design, including sophisticated cooling chip technology and function of computer microprocessors, effective control of temperature rise. That need special attention, the traditional mercury lamp temperature is not very good control of light source, will cause light bulb burst severe hidden trouble.
5.UVLED stability and reliability of the light source
      This traditional process is difficult to directly prove, generally is the accumulation of industry experience. General laboratory does not usually equipped with machine, an unstable source of light is very seriously affect the progress of the related test.