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The development of UVLED why get the favour of people

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      Uvled light source since birth, with its pollution-free, environmental protection, energy saving, etc by the broad masses of people of all ages. Rise is electronic devices at first light, after gradually into the red signal lamp, such as traffic, green, etc. However, due to the early LED lamp brightness is not high, heat energy conversion rate is low, and the price is too high is not familiar with known to the general public. Commercial applications are limited to building outline decoration, ornament chandeliers and other non-mainstream lighting occasion.
      In recent years, with the improvement of UVLED line light source of thermal energy conversion efficiency, brightness can greatly improve and greatly reduce the price, the market began to the LED lighting products have a certain recognition, a new generation of LED lights as emerging lamp has long life, low power consumption, high brightness market gradually become new jean-marie le pen. Based on the LED lamp life and power consumption analysis, LED indoor lighting lamps and lanterns is compared with the traditional equivalent lamps and lanterns, LED bulb light, LED ceiling lamp, LED tube light, LED soft article lamp use cost is significantly lower than the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns. LED chip costs lower with the development of the technology will increase the efficiency of LED lighting, accordingly to the traditional lamps emit strong intention of a declaration of war.
   Compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, LED lights plasticity is stronger, is not limited to traditional design of lamps and lanterns, due to the LED lamp bead is small in size, can make various very role for using the environment design. Such as LED tube light, we can make it round the traditional lamps and lanterns, you can also make it square, also can make irregular shape, also can make it only 9 mm thickness of panel lights, these are traditional lamps and lanterns of.
   Leds are more likely to be integrated, intelligent control. Than traditional lamps and lanterns, LED lamp dimming, implementation approach is simpler than traditional lamps and lanterns, and can simply through the power amplifier, LED dimmer easy implementation 0-100% of the light, no stroboscopic, no limit of continuous adjustable light. More intelligent, can realize online through DMX512 control, based on the random control to realize the dynamic effect of the LED lamp brightness, or change or various dynamic changing water. While traditional lamps and lanterns is relatively difficult to realize dynamic change.
   Now consider more commercial lighting should be human experience type design, what kind of environment, chooses what color, what color temperature of light source to achieve the purpose of the designer. LED lighting such as jewelry counter, adopt to jewelry cabinet lights, platinum counter area the 7000-7000 k highlight the white LED light source illuminating the platinum jewelry product itself, reflect the elegant temperament of products more bright white, and gold products using 3500-3800 k on the LED color TPS warm white light foil products gorgeous, elegant features. Jewelry counter lighting with leds small volume, light Angle is small, the advantages of higher light efficiency became a substitute for traditional fluorescent perfect. Different business environment, different shopping experience, the design of light Angle, color temperature of the demand is higher and higher, this is can't be matched by traditional lamps and lanterns, LED project-light lamp, LED lamp, LED tube light, make it more easy to implement.
    LED tube light, photosynthetic efficiency increasing, increasingly lower prices, causing the gate to enter the commercial lighting. At present, a lot of commercial lighting the traditional energy-saving lamp lighting, regardless of mercury pollution, energy-saving light volume is big, the whole canister light occupy the space is larger, also not beautiful, when the power supply voltage instability, canister light easy to flutter. LED tube light source and the integration of shell design, USES the milky white or spray mask inside the embedded in the ceiling and the ceiling, beautiful appearance of high-grade, uniform light source, LED power supply with constant current design, not restricted by external voltage change, always maintain consistent illumination light source. More than the advantages of improving with the improvement of LED technology, LED lighting for commercial lighting provides a reliable technical guarantee.
   UVLED of occupation standard come on stage and in the hustling, LED commercial lighting, gaining momentum assumed LED lamp enterprises have begun to enjoy the dividends of energy saving.
    Each to the development of the emerging industry of start, development, maturity, recession, the process of the LED interior lighting industry is the industry development stage, is necessarily inferior with fine, essence and dregs coexist, don't really, the innovation of new technology, LED indoor lighting to mature, LED indoor lighting to break out of it.