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Why push forward the UVLED technology

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       At present especially in the aspect of sculpture art used in coating industry of new technologies for increasing. Sculpture art requirements of high quality and perfect rise of environmental protection regulations lead to industry test like UVLED wide applications of this kind of technology. Coatings using UVLED light source technology has been showed that the main influence is favorable ecological environment, so that the environmental situation has caused concern in the world today is very important.
       If compared with the conventional solvent system, adopting UVLED technology. Think in terms of environmentally friendly, uvled coating without volatile is the key. In UVLED system, end users aware of monomer can substitute for the solvent to reduce the viscosity of the coating. They are not volatile work environment pollution and greenhouse effect. Uvledl curing technology since the advantage of using the technology of 25 years of experience. Besides beneficial to environmental protection, uv light solid machine material also has quick drying, good adhesion to various substrate (chemical), and it is easy to control in the processing degree, its construction equipment idle all night after start don't need to prepare for the next day. Another advantage of this technique is less waste. Away from heat source and uvled light under the conditions of coating can be stored for a long time, and can be reused. Compared with other countries in the world, the solvent and the influence for um and the greenhouse effect and is particularly important, therefore, adopt uvled technology in the advantages of environmental protection to become one of the most important performance.
       Finally, the advantages of using other UVLED technology including: can be made with other technology cannot achieve the performance of the product; But also because of its compactness and equipment can save the space of the factory; And processing method of the diversity and adaptability that could rapidly change of breed of design and color.