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A new generation of UVLED five technical advantage

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      Although the ultraviolet ray in our daily life has certain harm to people, but ultraviolet a lot. Optical UVLED line light source is the same as the standard. The latest technology development is extend in the part of the market of uv LED to new heights of product innovation and performance, designers gradually found that compared to other alternative technologies, ultraviolet uvLED line light source of the new technology can make a huge profit, energy and space saving. The next generation of uv LED technology has the following advantages, that is the technology market is expected to grow by 31% over the next five years.
    A: widely use in
    Ultraviolet spectrum contains all the length of the wavelength of 100 nm to 400 nm, generally divided into three categories: uv-a (315-400 nm, also known as uva rays), UV - B (280-315 nm, also known as the uvb rays), UV - C (100-280 nm, also known as short-wave ultraviolet).
    Dental instruments and jigan's purpose is the application of ultraviolet UVLED early, but the performance, cost, and durability performance as well as the extension of product life, is making use of uv LED to increase quickly. Uv LED current USES include: optical sensors and instruments (230-400 nm), ultraviolet (uv) authentication, barcode (230-280 nm), surface water sterilization (240-280 nm), identification and detection and analysis of fluid (250-405 nm), protein analysis and drug invention (270-300 nm), medicine, light therapy (300-320 nm), polymer, and ink printing (300-365 nm), jigan (375-395 nm), surface aseptic/beauty aseptic (390-410 nm).
    B: harmless to the environment
    Compared to other alternative technologies, uv LED has obvious environmental benefits. Compared with the fluorescent lamp (CCFL), uv LED low energy consumption by 70%. In addition, uv LED through the ROHS certification, does not contain the common harmful substances in mercury CCFL technology. Uv LED to smaller size and more durable than CCFL. Due to ultraviolet leds have the function of the vibration and impact resistance, little damage, thereby reducing the waste and cost.
    C:the service life is long
    In the past ten years, uv leds have been life challenges. Although it has many advantages, but the use of uv LED, declined obviously, this is because the uv easy to decompose the LED beam of epoxy resin, which would reduce the life of the uv LED to less than 5000 hours. The next generation of uv LED technology to "hardening" or "uv" epoxy encapsulation was characterized.
    D:high efficiency
    Emit high-energy high-purity ultraviolet light, using the latest high-energy ultraviolet LED, fast complete uv glue curing, greatly improve production efficiency.
    E:to reduce the cost
    New area USES is LED - UV use cable output, fiber optic light, LED can reduce the cost of technological equipment for you, improve equipment utilization.