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UVLED replace UV mercury lamp will accelerate the speed

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     With the mature of the ascension of UVLED brightness and technology, and generally promote environmental awareness in recent years, accelerated import UVLED curing process, UVLED replace the UV mercury lamp tube demand is expected to appear higher speed of growth.
      Traditionally, curing process equipment using is UV mercury lamp tube, the UV curing mercury lamp, the lamp of life for only 500 to 1000 hours, plus the need before each use of preheating, so actual effective use of time far less than 500 hours. And traditional mercury lamp will produce large amounts of heat and infrared, will destroy the coating, so need to use the work far distance, and thus more lower efficiency; And a large number of high thermal system with infrared ray to heat, need to match the cooling system and air conditioning equipment, coupled with large volume of equipment, energy consumption, short service life, mercury, and produce ozone, etc., which are traditional uv curing the shortcoming of mercury lamp.
      Compared with UV mercury lamp tube, UVLED with higher efficiency, stable energy, low-power, long service life, and accord with environmental protection and other characteristics, in recent years, more and more manufacturers begin to request in curing equipment in UVLED instead of UV mercury lamp tube, such as apple has asked if the cooperate with the suppliers have curing process equipment, must be converted into UVLED use, thus including TPK, this product has been completed.
      It is reported that currently UVLED has been input measures. However, when curing equipment to UVLED, also because of lighting energy, the efficiency and the traditional UV mercury lamp tube, under the fit and yield and other factors to consider, relevant formula on the use of ink, glue should be adjusted. Because UVLED with environmental advantages, in recent years, replacing traditional UV mercury lamp tube used for warming trend, in the Japanese market, in addition to see such as printing industry has more UVLED bulbs after use, with the increase of industrial process using the import, forecast in China in recent years, Taiwan and other places also can see better the needs of the development.