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The effect of UV purple light on skin treatment

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       UV purple light skin treatment can be used for: psoriasis, eczema, allergies, jaundice and other skin diseases.
       Light therapy is a clinical treatment method, in light of different role in different spectrum, especially UV light has been treated as a kind of effective and common light source in a series of disease,Including: rickets, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, jaundice, etc. In the process of light therapy, the patient's skin or the damaged part according to the actual situation in different wavelength violet light to illuminate,Most is in the UV wavelength (315 nm to 410 nm), in use process, UV light can promote skin cell biological response to inhibit the growth of cells was too fast and kill harmful cells in the skin, is one of the advantages of the UV radiation can stimulate the production of vitamin D,Vitamin D in promoting bone growth and the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, immune function and blood cell component has a very important role of vitamin D is because the skin is exposed to the sun and the purple light especially UV band of purple light, as a result of the reaction of vitamin D in the human body can be achieved by transaction or UV light irradiation to get to the skin.
     UV LED:
     UV LED is one of the types of leds, is the invisible light single wavelength, usually at about 400 nm.Through the special design make the UV LED can emit a complete continuous ultraviolet band, meet the sealing side, printing and other fields of production needs. Line light source has a very long life, cold light source, no radiation, life is not affected by opening and closing times uniform irradiation, high energy, improve the production efficiency, does not contain toxic substances than the traditional light source safer, more environmentally friendly.