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UVLED light become mainstream consumer products

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        With the increase of people's living standard, lighting design concept and gradually by the public's attention to both commercial lighting and home lighting, are beginning to modelling of lamp act the role ofing, luminous flux, such as installation location is exquisite, such as "low carbon lighting", "green lighting" and "space" concept also gradually popular in consumption idea.
     With the implementation of the national policy of "the white", incandescent lamp is gradually withdraw from the consumer market, LEDUV point light source, according to industry enters into a new era of energy conservation.UV dryer as a new concept of solid-state light source, with energy-saving, environmental protection, longevity, no ultraviolet, no stroboscopic, controllable strong advantages, become a star in the era of new lighting products.And all these, the LED lighting manufacturers, design institute, engineering services, such as lighting design services, means that a huge market prospects and business opportunities.
  That how to deal with commercial lighting business opportunities brought by the innovation and upgrading trend.As UV curing in the reporter's interview, experts said: as light design for now, belongs to lighting design is an important part of it is also the first in lighting design services to produce consumer demand.As the UVLED lighting industry policy support and market demand of the huge increase, as LED lighting enterprise, should actively take the market as the guidance, research and development and market demand of UV light curing lighting products, to meet consumer demand at the same time, with the brand shaping to promote consumer satisfaction.
  At the time of interview,sankun Ms. Huang for example0.6 M LED T8 tubes series model is for exhibition display, light box backlighting, hospital, restaurant, business center, shopping malls and other commercial lighting requirements for research and development design,0.6M LED T8 tubes series is made of high quality aluminum, has an excellent heat dissipation effect, products, long life, high luminous flux maintain rate, at the same time due to no mercury, lead and other harmful substances, on the use of more energy conservation and environmental protection.
    For lighting products on the business level application, also has a lot of use.As UVLED advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection function of the consumption of lamps and lanterns cognitive popularization, the current in architectural engineering, public works, and a lot of shopping malls, business office and other places of many lighting requirements, shoot the light, tube light and LED lamp, LED soft light bar, LED ball bulb and other LED lighting products are widely used, he said, believe in the near future, the UV lamp lighting products will soon spread to commercial and residential markets, gradually become the mainstream lighting market products.
     Uv point light industry as a strategic emerging industry in China, has been in a high-speed development stage, for now, it is the key to cultivating and developing stage. Steady development, security growth and technological innovation and policy guide are indispensable push push factor, we expect in the near future, the UV lamp series of products will be distributed in different areas with unique brilliance.

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