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UV light energy and power density prone to error

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UV light energy and power density prone to error

  With the rapid development of industrial economy of the UV lamp is becoming more and more widely applied, is widely used in coating industry, printing plate and advertising printing industry industry such as the UV lamp as a brush is paid close attention to the main parts of UV light in use now, two points existed mistakes.

A, power density and light energy
  1, the power density is the UV light (the distance between the two electrodes) 1 CM long need of power, expressed in W/CM, such as: light long distance is 70 CM asked demand is 5.6 KW, 5600 W, divided by 70 CM = 8 ow/CM.
  2, light energy, represented by MJ/CM2. Need to use light energy meter to measure. Now almost all of the UV ink and light oil are indicated in the manufacturer's data must be 8 ow/CM soft light a few teams, irradiation distance, etc., but this label is not accurate, is not strict. Because the 3 kw, 5 kw, 8 k W UV lamp can reach 8 ow/CM but different power of UV lamp, although the power density is the same, but the light energy to different, so it should be said that need to how much light force is accurate. Generally speaking, the curing conditions should be met (800-1200), MJ/CM2. And these light energy, maybe need to light. In addition with the same power of UV lamp is equipped with a reflector, light source distance objects from different printing. (the best distance for 15 to 20 cm) generated by the light energy also differs a lot, and power of UV lamp is chosen according to the width of the UV machine and the product needs to decide.

B, UV lamp cooling way
  Usually adopts the forced air cooling, the cooling way is decided to the size of the air flow must be moderate.
The myth here is that the lower the temperature, the better, in fact this is wrong. UV lamp surface temperature not lower than 170 ℃, the UV energy is reduced, the phenomenon is represented by the UV light from the blue, the ammeter displays current increases, time is too long will make for transformer or capacitor current overload and burned.
  If the temperature of the UV lamp is too high, can make the life expectancy, the UV lamp show the phenomenon of expansion deformation of the tubes, in the fog, etc., substrates with high temperature and also affected by directly, even make the reflective aluminum melting on the reflector deformation. (reflective aluminum melting point is 500 ℃)
  All in all, according to the size of the fan air volume, and UV machine box body size and the UV lamp power, the number to decide. Air must be controlled in can keep the tube surface temperature of 200 ℃ advisable, and not directly with strong winds blowing tube surface.

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